Auto Accident Lawyer

Being involved in a truck accident is a scary time. What to do immediately after a truck accident could leave you confused. An attorney can be there to give you suggestions about what to do immediately following a truck accident.

Call 911

Even if there aren’t serious injuries, which isn’t likely in a truck accident, call 911. Trucks can weigh upwards of 80,000 pounds. When you’re involved in a collision like that, you should take precautions and make sure you’re evaluated by a medical professional.

In addition, by calling 911, you’ll get a police report. This will help a lawyer later recreate the accident and determine who is at fault and who should compensate you for your damages.

Call your insurance company

We know the accident wasn’t your fault but you should still alert your insurance company. First of all, some insurance companies will levy penalties against you if you fail to report an accident. And second, your insurance company may have to cover some of your costs even if they can later get them reimbursed by the at fault party.

But do not give your insurance company a recorded statement. Your insurance company and other insurance companies involved will want to take your recorded statement as soon as possible after the truck accident. Don’t do that until you speak with an attorney.

Take photos. Lots and lots of photos

When it’s safe to do so, walk around the accident scene and take lots of pictures and video. Get images of the road and its condition at the time of the accident. Take pictures of your vehicle, your injuries, and any debris.

A key point here is to make sure you also take photos of the truck. It’s important to document every aspect of the accident, especially if the vehicles have been moved. So take detailed photos of the truck that hit you.

See a doctor

If your injuries did not require you to go straight to the hospital, make sure you see a doctor as soon as possible after the truck accident. This is important to record your injuries. If you wait several weeks before seeing a doctor, not only will your injuries be less severe on the doctor’s report, but the insurance company for the at fault party could argue the injuries were caused by some other event since the accident.

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Attorneys know the special circumstances surrounding truck accident cases. They know the expert witnesses that will help and hurt your case. They know what is required to make the insurance companies offer you a reasonable and fair settlement. They know what is required to win at trial, should your case get that far.

Most of all, a truck accident lawyer knows how to help you heal. Let them focus on the legal work while you focus on your recovery. Together, they can get you the compensation you deserve to make a full, complete and speedy recovery.