“Hi, I’m Darrell Castle. I’m an attorney licensed to practice law in the state of Tennessee. Most of my practice is bankruptcy practice. That’s what I do, folks. And a lot of the times, people come into my office and they ask me a question. They’ll say, ‘Well, can my employer fire me if I file for bankruptcy?’

“And my answer to that is, ‘No, not legally.’ He cannot fire you legally. That would be illegal. It would be wrong. You could sue him. Sometimes, people do things they’re not supposed to, you know? And if they do, sometimes they have to take the consequences of what they do, so we can go after him legally to recover money from him if he fired you. He cannot fire you. He cannot discriminate against you in any way. He can’t withhold a promotion. Can’t withhold pay. Can’t withhold an increase in pay, or anything like that. Fact is, he doesn’t want to. He doesn’t care. He understands that things happen. Maybe he’s done a bankruptcy himself in his life, who knows? But if you check around, you’ll find a lot of people do. I have a lot of clients, folks. I wouldn’t worry to much about that, but I’ll tell you: if you’re thinking about applying for a job, and you’re afraid that you’re employer will discriminate, future employer, you might want to go ahead and share with him the fact that you have filed in the past and just say, ‘Look, I had to do that; I’m sorry. It actually helped me.’ Because most employers would rather have you free of debt, able to go and come as you want to, without the burden of debt as they would totally mired down in debt and desperate for money. I sure would. I’d rather have a person who’s free of debt than I would want who’s mired down in debt and desperate for money.

“Now, after bankruptcy, we have a program called ‘Seven Steps for 720.’ It’s free if you’re my client. You can take it online. It helps you recover your credit and return to an ‘A’ credit rating in a very short time, folks, so get yourself free. Don’t stay mired in debt your whole life. Call me right now for a free appointment. You’ll be glad you did.”