E Cigarette Lawsuit Attorneys Memphis, TN

E Cigarette Lawsuit Attorneys – Memphis, TNFor decades, Big Tobacco tried to convince the American public that its products were safe. When it came to light that tobacco products are not safe, Big Tobacco tried to downplay the risks of smoking and chewing, marketed “safer” forms of their products and continued to draw in millions of consumers annually. Unfortunately, it seems that a new nicotine-based industry has grown up in the wake of Big Tobacco and has not learned from the mistakes of its predecessor. E-cigarette companies are increasingly becoming subject to academic and governmental scrutiny, scientific study and both state-initiated and consumer-initiated lawsuits. Specifically, the harmful nature of these products and the unscrupulous marketing strategies employed by many of these companies have come under fire. If you have been harmed by E-cigarette, vaping or Juul products, you are not alone. Consider speaking with experienced Memphis, TN E-cigarette lawsuit attorneys about your legal options now that it has become clear that these products are the very opposite of safe.

Why E-Cigarette Companies Are Under Legal Scrutiny

E-cigarette safety concerns first came to light when battery-operated products began overheating and even exploding. Many consumers suffered severe burns as a result of these defective products, prompting the government to regulate the E-cigarette industry more broadly and more strictly. But, as Memphis, TN E-cigarette lawsuit attorneys will tell you, the greater injustices associated with these products came to light when their health risks and marketing campaigns were explored in detail. A few years ago, Bloomberg reported that the U.S. accounts for more than 40 percent of E-cigarette and vaping-related sales worldwide. As a result, it is Americans who are bearing the brunt of the unsafe and improperly marketed products commonly referred to as E-cigarettes. It now seems that every month a new, massive lawsuit is filed related to the unacceptable practices of the companies that produce these products.

Legal Guidance Is Available

If you have been harmed by E-cigarettes in any way, please consider scheduling a consultation with the Memphis, Tennessee E-cigarette lawsuit attorneys at Darrell Castle & Associates, PLLC. Having a consultation with our experienced legal team is a risk-free endeavor because it does not commit you to filing any legal action if you don’t want to. Consultations are designed to ensure that potential clients can get answers to their questions about their legal options and the process of building an attorney-client relationship before committing to a course of action in one way or the other. Our Memphis, TN E-cigarette lawsuit attorneys will not pressure you to make a decision that isn’t right for you. We simply want to make sure that you are aware of your legal options, that your rights are protected and you have access to experienced guidance in the event that you choose to file legal action. Please call today. We look forward to speaking with you.