Memphis home sales have risen in 2012, and house prices have increased, according to The Commercial Appeal. Sales rose 7.4% in July compared to July 2011, with a price rise of 14.1%.

While the article cited offers some exciting figures for the year so far, it also admits the numbers could be a bit deceiving. After all, comparing rates to 2011 can give a sense of false hope since 2011 was a very rough year on the Memphis housing market.

As bankruptcy attorneys in Memphis, we certainly see the flip side of this story in our office every day. It’s wonderful to hear good news every once in a while, but the fact is many Memphians aren’t experiencing that good news in their daily lives.

Foreclosures are still a major risk for a lot of people who haven’t seen any change in their financial situation since the recession began. We know, because in helping people prevent foreclosures in Memphis we get to hear your stories.

If you’re worried about foreclosure, no updates about the housing market will change your concerns. It’s still a very real problem for you, and we’re available to help. Contact us to talk with an attorney and get started saving your home. We can help you get back on the right track, so that real economic recovery can be yours.

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