By: Darrell Castle

“I absolutely think their actions put the residents in jeopardy,” said Yolana Terrell.

Terrell is a nurse who worked at Poplar Point Health and Rehabilitation and she’s talking about the nursing home and its residents. She’s since been fired after reporting a serious problem at the facility.

Terrell reported another nurse who didn’t have her nursing license and falsified documents. The unlicensed nurse scared patients too, according to Terrell.

This opened up investigations into the facility, which uncovered MORE problems — problems with nursing care, sanitation and roaches.

In fact, a federal Department of Heath inspection report found over 15 violations that “compromise elderly patients’ care.”

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What A Personal Injury Attorney Can Do For You

Not only should you report nursing home abuse and neglect like this, but if your loved has been abused, you should contact a personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

A personal injury attorney can help you and your loved one get the compensation you’re entitled to for medical bills, pain, suffering and more. And in doing so, help to ensure justice is served. When it comes to neglect and abuse, it’s important to understand that your loved one has rights and that a nursing home lawyer Memphis, TN families trust can help you to ensure that those rights are protected.

How Darrell Castle & Associates Can Help

Unfortunately, our team of attorneys have had to handle many cases of nursing home abuse and neglect in the past.

We’re detailed, informative and will fight to get you and your loved ones the compensation and justice you deserve. And our clients will tell you that too.

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