It’s a story I’ve heard more times than I can count throughout my career as a Tennessee foreclosure lawyer. You’re working hard to give your children the opportunities they deserve, but sometimes it feels like an uphill battle just to make ends meet. It’s already hard enough, and then the unthinkable and unexpected happens: a job loss, or a medical emergency. Suddenly you’re up late at night going through the bills and not sure how you’ll manage. You have no idea how you’ll explain this to the kids.

Good News: You don’t have to lose your home.

Have you heard of Chapter 13 bankruptcy? It’s a way to stop foreclosure in its tracks and get a second chance. Our experienced lawyers can set up a Chapter 13 plan that will allow you to make small, affordable payments on your past-due mortgage for 3-5 years. So if you’re $2000 behind, Chapter 13 could help you pay it back for as little as $8 a week. If you’re $3000 behind, it would be just $12 per week.

Not only does Chapter 13 make those payments manageable and affordable, it also gives you control of the situation. If you file for a Chapter 13, the banks cannot demand the full $2000. If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, or would like to explore other options around resolving your debt, please call a leading bankruptcy law firm Memphis, TN residents have been relying on for over a decade.

A better, easier future is possible.

The same story I mentioned above can have a happy ending. I’ve seen that thousands of time as well. I’ve watched fathers and mothers find a great new job after months of searching. Now, thanks to Chapter 13, they’re back on the feet and able to move forward as a family. And thanks to Chapter 13, they had more cash flow each month during the hard times to cover basic expenses.

Talk to a Tennessee foreclosure lawyer today.

If you are overwhelmed by debt and behind on your mortgage, we are here for you. Even if you’re just a little behind, we’d like to talk to you. The power of bankruptcy can be life-changing. Our lawyers have worked hard to help thousands of families keep their homes, and we can do the same for you.

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