Social Security Lawyer in Memphis, TN

Memphis TN Social Security Lawyer What do you do if your disability payments don’t come in? If you were approved for disability payments, it could be a relief if you’re out of work. With these monthly checks, you will have the funds you need to take care of your daily expenses. What happens if you are missing a check? Maybe you didn’t receive your payment this month. What should you do? If you speak with a social security lawyer in Memphis, TN from Darrell Castle and Associates, PLLC, they will likely tell you to do the following:

Report the Missing Payment

There are several reasons you could miss receiving a check, so it’s important that you report it immediately. It’s possible the check was lost or stolen, and in that case, it would need to be canceled and resent. It’s also possible that you did something in your life that made your benefits stop or be put on hold. For example, you might have changed banks and failed to update your direct deposit information. Maybe you have an issue with eligibility because of a life change. Contacting your local Social Security Administration office can help you figure it out.

Seek Income Elsewhere

If you are ineligible for disability because of a life change, or if you are waiting for support to come, there are some other ways you can seek income. For example:

  • Working while waiting – You should speak with someone at the SSA in your state to determine what type of work you can do while waiting for disability. Some work will disqualify you from receiving support, so you wouldn’t want to do that. A small amount of income might be fine, but you should double check to be sure.
  • Applying for other support – There are several other state, local and federal programs that offer support and financial assistance. If you’re waiting for disability, you might qualify for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, short term disability, the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program and a wide variety of other types of support.
  • Getting creative with income – There are a lot of ways you can get creative with income. For example, you could take out a home equity loan so you have cash for expenses. You could set up a GoFundMe account to seek donations until your disability starts coming in. You might have a retirement fund you could dip into as well.

Contact a Social Security Lawyer

If you were approved for disability, but have yet to see a check come through, there might be something extra going on. For help in getting it figured out, contact a social security lawyer in Memphis, Tennessee from Darrell Castle and Associates, PLLC.